Whether you store you pontoon indoors or outdoors, in your own back yard or in rented storage, a pontoon cover will ensure that your boat remains protected all year long. Pontoon boat covers defend against outdoor elements like rain, sun, snow and dirt, as well as indoor hazards like dust and clutter. Long term exposure to these elements can cause damage to both your boats interior and exterior. A pontoon boat cover is an inexpensive way to keep you boat ready to use, summer after summer.

Like a lot of people on THT I needed a cover but I couldn't afford a custom cover or one that was really expensive. I ended up getting a styled to fit cover made by Carver from Boat Covers Direct. What I was most impressed with is how they worked with me through many emails and phone calls and even customized my cover to assure a fit better after I supplied them some measurements. Brandi at Boat Covers Direct was always responsive and really made the process a pleasure. In the end I got a nice, well fitting cover at a great price.

Custom: Hands down, the best fitting covers are custom made. Although more expensive than universal or semi-custom covers, these covers are made to fit just one boat—yours. Each cover is designed for a particular year, make and model of boat with individualized accessories like transom-mounted swim platforms taken into account as well. Since they are sturdier and tighter fitting, these covers are the best type for trailering and the longest lasting.
Buying a boat is a major investment. Many boat owners fail to realize the importance of properly protecting their boats when not in use. Exposure to rain, sun, wind, leaves, snow and dirt can seriously damage the exterior and interior of your boat, often resulting in mold growth and washed-out upholstery. A boat cover is an inexpensive necessity for all boat owners.

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One of the most important things you can do for your cover is getting the correct size. If it’s too small, the fabric and seams will be overly stressed and wear out prematurely. If it’s too big, rainwater will collect in the low spots and cause sagging, plus wind will get in, under or around and fill the cover with air, possibly snagging or tearing it on sharp objects. This could also become a safety hazard if your cover is being used while trailering your boat at highway speeds since it will flap wildly, which could reduce your visibility and distract others.
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We also provide ventilation ports for these non-breathable fabrics. These custom boat covers are designed to allow access for air while closing the top-to-bottom gaps that keep rain and weather out. The polyester fabric also provides the best fit and strength without stretching or shrinking over time. With proper care and maintenance these fabrics carry an industry leading manufacturers warranty of seven years.

A: Westland is the sister company of Great Lakes Boat Top, the OEM canvas replacement experts that make the original factory patterns for our Exact Fit® boat covers. Great Lakes Boat Top works directly with boat manufacturers to be able to create and provide original canvas for boat builders. We then take these patterns to create our custom and semi-custom aftermarket replacement canvas. With the canvas patterns from Great Lakes Boat Top, Westland is able to provide high quality Exact Fit® boat covers that offer both durability and reliable protection during trailering.

We stock universal fit covers in different weight fabrics and sizes for V-hull cuddy cabin, bow rider and center console boats, bay boats, day cruiser boats, deck boats, jet boats, tri-hull boats, pontoon boats, fish and ski boats, aluminum and tournament bass boats, paddle boats and even inflatable boats or tenders. Each cover includes a storage bag and tiedown straps (some with a support pole).