All of Empire's pontoon boat covers are trailerable, meaning you can keep your boat covered during transport. Each cover comes equipped with heavy-duty straps to attach over the cover and under the hull for secure transportation. Please make sure that your pontoon boat cover is securely tied down before proceeding on the road. Also, if the cover starts to flap in the wind during the drive, please be sure that the cover is secured tightly to the boat before continuing your trip.
Made to fit a specific style and size of boat, these covers feature a shock cord sewn into their hems, which stretches like a bungee and is made to keep the cover snug to the boat. Styled-to-Fit boat covers have loops sewn into their hem one every 2-3' feet, for the purpose of tying the cover down when trailering. A tie down kit is included with the cover. Motor covers are attached for boats with outboard motors. Materials offered are Poly-Guard, Sun-DURA, and Sunbrella, and warranties range from 5 to 10 years.
I ordered what was described as a "custom" cover for a Frontier 180. Clearly it was not custom as th...e manufacturer identification written on the label was 18' skiff. It wasn't even close to a fit and was obviously for a much wider boat. It was not straightforward getting a refund and I had to pay return shipping. If I wanted an off the shelf cover I can get one for less than a quarter of the price.
 Great info Guy's I've been wanting to find one for my 1996 MA 17 '  . But since I kept her under a  12 X 20 portable car port. Other wanted upgrades for her were more important  .  Is it better to get  one that covers the polling platform , or that leaves It exposed .  Should I look for one with center supports and a venting system .  I have several  instrument fans I've used to air out the budge could use them . They should help circulation and assist in lowering over temp,  And like CONOCEAN  ask what color . Or Which seem to hide dirt or faded the least  from your alls experance Tks again
We also provide ventilation ports for these non-breathable fabrics. These custom boat covers are designed to allow access for air while closing the top-to-bottom gaps that keep rain and weather out. The polyester fabric also provides the best fit and strength without stretching or shrinking over time. With proper care and maintenance these fabrics carry an industry leading manufacturers warranty of seven years.
A: While many people may think a boat cover is an accessory, it’s actually a critical component to protecting and maintaining your boat, a significant financial investment. When you choose a high quality, properly-fitted boat cover, you’re going to be able to protect your boat from the elements during both trailering and storage. Since your boat will have the protection it needs to prevent things such as mold, fading, or scratches, it will prolong the life of your boat so you can keep it out on the water longer.
Most of us have seen that boat at the marina or on a trailer in someone’s yard that, although it’s only a few years old, has faded upholstery, dry and cracking wood brightwork, mildewed gelcoat and smells like a musty locker room. What’s the easiest way to avoid that? A boat cover. It’s also a good way to make it difficult for rodents to take up residence and protect your electronics from dust, dirt, bird droppings or sticky-fingered intruders. We’ll cover (pun intended) the basics of choosing boat covers below, but for a more thorough explanation and installation videos covering each type, see our West Advisor article: Selecting the Right Boat Cover.