If you do find stains or signs of mildew, it’s important to take immediate action so they do not affect the integrity of your boat cover. To tackle them, you’re going to need a tough cleaning solution, which can easily be made from items you likely already have sitting at home. Certain stains may require different solutions, so be sure to check out our guide to make sure you are keeping your cover and boat safe.
With lengths up to 30 ft this boat can hold up to 25 people, making it the perfect boat to take a large number of passengers out on the water. Don't let the size fool you because it may be a huge boat, but it can still reach speeds up to 50 mph - sometimes even faster! With speeds like that this boat is also perfect for water skiing, tubing, wake boarding or any other water sport.
Pontoon boat storage cover designed to fit 204" - 240" long playpens with a maximum 96" beam width. Each cover features reliable double-stitched seams with rot-proof thread, integrated tie-down straps for securing to a boat trailer. A full-length elastic hem creates a snug-fit to the boat hull to help reduce billowing from wind during outdoor storage while providing a custom-like fit. Made with reliable waterproof 300D polyester fabric construction in silver color.

A: All Westland covers are hand-sewn, which grants us the unique ability to add in extra layers of protection where it’s needed the most. Our custom boat covers have additional fuzzy reinforcements sewn in at critical points to help reduce the risk of tearing at typical wear points. These fuzzy reinforcements prolong the life of your cover while also protecting your boat from scratches caused by buckles and zippers.

Finally, boat covers are a long-standing investment for boat protection. Unlike tarps or shrink-wrap, boat covers can be used over and over again. We offer a 2 to 7 year manufacturer’s warranty on all of covers for boats, so you can rest assured your boat will be protected year after year. We have a large selection of boat covers for sale, including hard top boat covers and bass boat covers. We ship all boat covers direct from our warehouse, so you can have your cover on your boat as quickly as possible.
Our pontoon covers are available in a few different material options: Cotton Duck, Poly-Cotton, Poly-Guard, and Sun-DURA. Either the Cotton or Poly-Cotton options are great materials for indoor or light outdoor storage, and they are excellent for breathability. Poly-Guard and Sun-DURA materials are both constructed from a loom woven marine grade polyester. Sun-DURA comes in more color options, and is going to be a bit more water repellent and fade resistant. Either of these materials would be a wonderful choice for outdoor storage. Warranties on these materials will range from 1-7 years.
Boat covers have many uses. First and foremost, they help keep your boat clean. Waterproof boat covers will repel rain and moisture, prevent mold or mildew from growing on the interior of your boat. A cover will also defend against bird droppings, tree sap, falling leaves and other dirt and grime. Boat covers with UV protection will deflect harmful UV rays from the sun. Prolonged sun exposure can fade your boat’s paint and cause unwanted cracks. A tight fitting boat cover will also help prevent wild animals from burrowing inside your boat. Wild animals can wreak havoc on a boat’s interior and can cause serious damage to electrical wiring.

I received these today and was a little disappointed because for some reason I though that they were made of waterproof canvas like a boat cover but they are made of Vinyl. That being said, I am very happy with this purchase, the cover fits well, looks good, appears to be heavy duty enough to last a while, and will work perfect to protect my seats from the effects of the sun and rain. when Im not using the boat.I plan to order a couple for for my other boat.

We stock universal fit covers in different weight fabrics and sizes for V-hull cuddy cabin, bow rider and center console boats, bay boats, day cruiser boats, deck boats, jet boats, tri-hull boats, pontoon boats, fish and ski boats, aluminum and tournament bass boats, paddle boats and even inflatable boats or tenders. Each cover includes a storage bag and tiedown straps (some with a support pole).