You bet there is! If you have a production boat, using our handy Boat Cover Selector will make finding the correct semi-custom or custom cover for your boat much easier. The selector will lead you through all the steps necessary to select your exact boat and then choose a fabric and color. If you happen to have a one-of-a-kind, custom-built boat or lots of unusual options, you might need to have measurements taken by a custom canvas shop so a cover can be designed for your boat. This will be the most expensive kind of cover and take the longest to receive since a custom pattern will have to be made.
A: Mold and mildew are an inevitable concern in marine environments. That’s why high-quality boat covers, like Westland’s, are made with naturally mildew-resistant fabrics and are designed to provide superior protection against these potentially damaging fungal infestations. Westland’s covers include sewn-in ventilation, an effective precautionary measure that cuts down on mildew build-up, and provides an escape route for moisture.
BTW, for those who DO have the scratch for a nice cover, I'll say again what I've said before - I've always gone relatively cheap on my covers in the past, but now am the proud (and of course second hand) owner of a custom cover.  Guy told me it was a 1300 cover when he bought it new.  I don't know if that's true, but it's worth its weight in gold.  Built in supports, perfect fit, easy on/off, water proof, fits like a glove, looks like it is part of the boat.  

Our detailed product knowledge and genuine desire to make our customers happy make us different. All calls placed will come directly to our location here in SC, and you can speak with one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives whenever you call! Here in the office we have Jada, Morgan, Faith, Heather, Susan, Jackie, Natalie, Marcia, Michelle and Shannon ready to assist you Monday-Friday from 9-5. Should you have any concerns or questions in your cover selection process, please give us a call! All of our sales representatives have the knowledge to determine which cover or Bimini top will be the best fit for your boat and which material will perform well for your conditions. We guarantee the fit and quality of all of our covers and have industry-best warranties.

A: All Westland covers are hand-sewn, which grants us the unique ability to add in extra layers of protection where it’s needed the most. Our custom boat covers have additional fuzzy reinforcements sewn in at critical points to help reduce the risk of tearing at typical wear points. These fuzzy reinforcements prolong the life of your cover while also protecting your boat from scratches caused by buckles and zippers.
Had my cover for a little over a month now. It fits better than I expected, especially after installing the supports which were ordered along with it. I had a few questions about how to use my support system, and the staff was able to address all of my concerns and explain to me how to use the straps along with the pole to create a high point in the cover so water could run off. Overall an excellent experience, would recommend them in the future.
Without a doubt, my favorite feature about this cover is that it has an elastic all the way around it and buckle straps to go over the top. That makes it a breeze to connect up around the boat! I’d guess it takes half the time to put on this cover than the cover that came with my pontoon boat, which makes this a very good choice if you’ll be mooring your boat.
We keep our prices low without sacrificing quality so our seats are consistently top of the line while the cost remains cheap. With our pontoon boat seats for sale, as well as our other boat seats, you’ll always find what you’re looking for with a deal you can afford. Whether you’re searching for pedestals or pontoon chairs, cup holders or matching vinyl, look no further. Kick off your sandals, put your feet up and have a seat, we’ll take care of the rest. 

Pontoon boat storage cover designed to fit 240" - 288" long playpens with a maximum 96" beam width. Each cover features reliable double-stitched seams with rot-proof thread, integrated tie-down straps for securing to a boat trailer. A full-length elastic hem creates a snug-fit to the boat hull to help reduce billowing from wind during outdoor storage while providing a custom-like fit. Made with reliable waterproof 300D polyester fabric construction in silver color.
Westland is committed to providing high quality custom boat covers that fits every budget. Sharkskin & Sunbrella fabrics are all crafted available with the Select Fit name. Westland uses a rope instead of the stretch cord method, so you will rest assured that every boat cover you get from us will seal your boat up tight. Select Fit uses Westland’s 40 years of experience to provide a quality products at a lower price.

Cotton and polyester blends aren’t as durable or resistant to mildew and UV light as pure synthetic fabrics. Those fabrics that repel water and resist UV radiation the best typically contain pigment-dyed polyester which has a good strength to weight ratio and is strong and breathable. Hot Shot™, an acrylic-coated polyester, is a good, economical synthetic fabric. The solution-dyed polyester Ultima™ fabric is durable, breathable, repels water and is stain-, UV- and mildew-resistant, making it a good choice for hot, humid climates.